Our Plan

“What are we doing today that impacts what ag looks like in the future?”



Through its partnerships with existing organizations like the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, the Foundation will identify opportunities to support existing programs that encourage innovation, leadership development, and community involvement for youth. The Foundation will also work with private sector supporters to launch new education and advocacy programs, as well as grant programs. 


The Foundation proposes to take on the funding and leadership of an Economic Development Assessment Initiative, including the development of solutions and identification of needed partnerships to deploy the proposed solutions. The Foundation will utilize internal and external resources to complete the study. The goal of the initiative is to support and lift up the great work that is happening throughout the state and identify best practices across the country that can be brought back to South Dakota.


The Foundation proposes funding and leading a Philanthropy in Agriculture Program that includes the development of an action plan to spread the message of philanthropy through agriculture in South Dakota. The Foundation will develop effective messaging, identify channels for communication, and target stakeholders and donors in order to develop a SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely) action plan to deploy these efforts.